Saturday, 24 October 2015

Meet Gretna Supporter Alan Chichester, Michican, USA

Alan Chichester is 35 years old and lives in Michigan, which makes him something of a "Borderer" in his own right. He began following Scottish football in 2008.  Gretna's plight immediately caught his attention, and he became horrified by the idea of a club with 60+ years of history going to the wall.  As supporters endeavored to save football in the town, it was natural for him to continue following the new club. Alan said  One couldn't help but be inspired by the effort to rebuild a club again after reaching (and falling from) such a great height, It hasn't been easy following a non-league Scottish club from America, but some personal highlights have included: the EoSL promotion season, the East of Scotland Cup victory over Berwick, formation of (and election to) the Lowland League, and the return to the Scottish Cup.

Closer to home Alan has enjoyed wearing his Gretna top to his state's Scottish cultural festival (and getting some puzzled looks), and having a laugh on FIFA by building Gretna into a two-time Champions League winner.
I'm proud to be a season ticket holder for 2015-16, and although my first visit to Raydale is still probably a long way off, I'm very happy to support the club in some small way.  My hope is that the club continues to be ambitious but sustainable.  My dream is another promotion campaign and the return of league football to Raydale!

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